Value through authentication

We increase the value of properties by connecting homeowners and stakeholders.


Easily collect, send documents to your homepass


Authenticate documents securing them from any future modification


Provide access to all stakeholders involved in your property. 

Project Delivery

Project handover has never been this easy. With Homepass you are only a few clicks away from providing your customer full control and access to all documents and information they need.

The most secure 

technology available.

The foundation of every digital wallet is the decentralised technology blockchain, making our solution the most secure and trustworthy in the market. 

Open Collaboration Module

Our open collaboration module, makes it very easy for all stakeholders to provide or upload the necessary plans, warranties, certificates in a centralized system, making everyone involved accountable.


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unlimited storage

All Homeowner features +

All document formats

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"It is true ! I am looking at homes and basing my purchase decision on what I can see

not what I know about the property. A property with a Homepass is worth more 

because it goes beyond what I can see. It gives me the history of a property"



"15 years ago I was the CEO of a construction company, today I am dealing more with paper than I am with brick! I This solution solves my problem and makes project delivery easier,".


CEO Construction

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